Timber Creek Golf Club, How to Improve your Swing

Every year around this same time,

we begin to get excited about golf sea


son. Maybe it’s because football season

is over and thoughts of the Masters, the

Shell Houston Open, and so many other

tournaments coming up gets us fired up

about playing and practicing our golf

game. If I told you that this was the year

I was going to play more, practice more,

and get better, wouldn’t that sound like

the same thing you have told yourself

every year. I know I’ve broken this

promise to myself too many times.

But this year is going to different. To

improve my golf game, I first need to

start analyzing my shots. So my plan is

to play nine holes at least five times in

the next two weeks. I’m going to track

all of my shots to see how many fairways

I hit, how many greens I hit, how many

penalty shots I had, how many bunkers

I was in, and how many putts I had. I’m

also going to keep track of how many

shots I was totally com


mitted to on each hole.

To hit good shots, you

have to be committed.

At the end of those

rounds, I will have a

good idea of what I

will need to practice

to improve my scores.

I will work on some of

this by myself. Chip


ping, pitching, and

putting are areas that I

have had some lessons

and I think I can work

on these areas by myself.

If I am having problems

with my full swing shots, I will seek out

a PGA Professional. I am a PGA Profes


sional but I can’t see myself swing and

sometimes we need some different eyes

and some new ideas.

Sometimes we need some mental

coaching. If you are serious about get


ting better and this is an area you need

help, talk with your swing coach and ask

for suggestions. There are sports psy


chologists who can help. There are also

books and online options for improving

your mental game.

The last area to think about is to be

more fit for golf. Golf requires flex


ibility, mobility, stability, and strength.

Find a trainer. The Titleist Performance

Institute trains and educates golf profes


sionals, fitness trainers, and medical

professionals to help golfers solve their

physical limitations and help golfers

make their best swings.

This is a call for action. I would love

to hear about your plans to

play more and better golf.

My email is dpilsner@


I am interested to know

how you are doing in im


proving your golf game.

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