The Club at Star Ranch just gets better and better

The only thing that changes about

the always top-shelf experience

players receive at the Golf Club Star

Ranch is growth of the area that

surrounds the course, an aspect that

was keyed by the success of Star

Ranch’s initial development plan

and the continued increase in the

population of this highly desirable

northeast suburb of Austin.

Golf, played on a course where it

can really be enjoyed, is a huge part

of that plan.

The sightlines, buildings and

homes that surround the course

are certainly a change from

the open fields and sweeping

prairieland prevalent when owner

Tim Timmerman and golf course

architect Roy Bechtol walked the

former cattle ranch and staked out

the routing for the track in 2000.

Through the past 15 years, the

Golf Club Star Ranch has proven to

be one of the region’s most popular

golf courses, thanks in a large part

to Bechtol’s work that created a

challenging, but infinitely friendly,

track that can be played and enjoyed

by all levels of golfers.

“I’m so proud of the work we did

at Star Ranch and happy that it’s

been received so well and enjoyed

by so many golfers,” the Austin-

based Bechtol said. “People have

always come to me and said how

much they like playing the course.”

Located on the west side of

the Texas 130 toll road where

Pflugerville becomes Hutto, a

round at Golf Club Star Ranch has

never been better. It’s the total

experience from the initial ball

struck at the expansive practice

facility to the first tee shot to the

final putt that separates the time

spent here from the hours playing

some of Star Ranch’s competitors.

“Our goal is always to create a

great round of golf for our players

and to make sure they want to

come and play here again,” said Rob

Fulford, Star Ranch’s director of


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