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Golf Dynamics


Here we have Academy of Golf Dynamics instructor, Kyle Jerome, discussing a method to help create effortless power in your swing. Keeping your lower body quiet, and maintaining the flex in your knee as you turn back helps you create a tighter coil in your turn and helps you turn your upper body back level instead of tilting. From here, you can swing through the ball almost as hard as you want when you need some more long as you maintain your balance.

Tips:  How the legs provide power in the golf swing

-Quiet legs in the backswing create a tighter coil in the body. Creates   natural power (winding up)

-On the downswing, the lower body initiates the downswing and             unwinds the coil.


Too often people turn their lower body too much on the backswing, losing the coil, creating a power leak.

Examples of tour players who keep their legs quiet in the backswing (long hitters)


*Rory McIlroy

*Dustin Johnson

*Charles Howell III

*Jimmy Walker

*Tiger Woods

*Fred Couples